Friday, October 30, 2009

Why New Zealand Merino Wool?

So, why New Zealand merino wool fabric? Isn't it itchy, scratchy and liable to shrink in the wash?
Well... no actually.

These are some of the reasons why you and your family should be wearing New Zealand merino wool fabric:
* 100% natural fibre
* allows the skin to breathe, so the wearer will not overheat (particularly important for infants)
* warm even when wet (dribbles or spills). Merino sheep live in harsh high country environments - their wool is designed to keep them warm, even when wet.

* offers natural UV protection
* naturally flame retardant and self-extinguishing
* a fine fibre - does not irritate the skin like traditional wool

* parent friendly - machine washable!!! Yes, you can wash a SewKatiepie merino garment in your washing machine with no fear of shrinkage, piling or felting. It can even be tumble dried on a low heat setting if you are really short on time - although given the nature of the fabric it does dry quickly and easily of a drying rack

* a renewable, natural fibre that is ethically farmed

* durable and colourfast. Unlike cotton, you can wash and wash your SewKatiepie garment with no noticeable colourloss or wear.

* recyclable and bio-degradable

* naturally stain and soil resistant

* naturally resists the build-up of odour, meaning you don't have to wash your garment so frequently
A fantastic fabric which you can wear year round. Lightweight knits for cool summer days and layering over cooler months, or heavyweight knits for winter months.
If you'd like to feel the fabric for yourself, please have a look at my etsy shop, http://www.sewkatiepie.etsy/and my listing for SewKatiepie merino samples

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